Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Le Yummy Curried Chicken in 20 Minutes

I was really hungry (and feeling lazy) when I got home this evening. I knew I wanted to eat something hearty but also knew I didn't have much time to cook.

How to make Le Yummy Curried Chicken in 20 Minutes

What you need:
  • Chicken legs or drumsticks (duh!)
  • Chopped onion
  • Diced tomato
  • Curry powder
  • Olive Oil (it's the healthier option guys!)

How to prepare:
  1. Heat oil in pot and add chicken -fry until slightly brown
  2. Add chopped onion and curry powder then fry until onion is covered in powder and tender
  3. Add diced tomatoes and fry until the tomatoes are tender
  4. Simmer over low/medium heat for about 15 minutes and voila!

Other tasties on the plate:

Veggies - frozen broccoli pieces

Chapati - frozen paratha or chapati can be purchased from many supermarkets. I got mine from Food Basics

Rice - i used Uncle Ben's Cheddar Broccoli rice

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