Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soul food + Friendly Thai

Today was quite the eventful day for me.

I woke up über energized and keen to do lots of cleaning and reshuffling around the apt. I love spring redesigning! So much that I ended up burning my waffles in the toaster.

So After the fire went out my waffles were smoked. I decided to feast on some music. I hadn't listened to John Legend's Get Lifted CD in ages and really enjoyed it.  Had forgotten just how much I love every one of the songs on it.

I was able to get a lot done around my home. I love the feeling of moving things around. Makes me feel like I bought new stuff and I'm in a new place at no cost! There were also some pictures which were lying around the apt and finally I pulled out the concrete drill and drilled those walls to hang my pics!


This is how my day ended...well, sort of:

Yummy delivery from Friendly Thai

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