Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crispy Noodles at Oriental Gourmet House

I just found out that I love crispy noodles! Considering how much of a foodie I am, you'd think I would know what the infamous Chinese entree on crispy noodles tastes like eh? Well I didn't! I cant believe I hadn't tried it all this time. A bit unhealthy but loved it! A friend made me do it over lunch at the Oriental Gourmet House by Yonge St and Adelaide. [Btw, this spot is small and not too stylish but the food is amazing at an amazing price especially for this part of the city. Hidden gems.]

Aside for this being a pretty awesome meal, the company was even better. It was a work related lunch which I walked out learning that I'll be co-chairing a pretty awesome 3 hour workshop at the end of May! The topic is diversity and you know how much that excites me ;).

Most days, I feel so privileged to have such active, engaged and brainy friends. All I have to do is just hangout around them then I look cool too :)

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