Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magic Sleep

So I was having a conversation about insomnia the other day and got to talking about sleeping aids, apps and such. I shared about one I've been using on my iPod Touch for a long time called MagicSleep.  It's basically a sleeping aid based on our most primal memories which recreates the sounds inside the womb using the most advanced psychoacoustic sound sources, convolution reverb processing, and digital signal processing. It has also has images of sheep jumping in slow motion so you can literally "count sheep".  I've tried many sleeping apps and this is actually the one I like the most. The only annoying thing about using a visual app to fall asleep it is that you have to keep starring and perhaps holding the iPod.


If that doesn't work, maybe this note I received this morning might. He wrote;
I was looking for funny images of sheep jumping to send you...like as a good omen so you can get regular and good sleep...but i found this, and...

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