Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother 13 Ep. 1: BB is Back! Crazy Twists!

So Big Brother 13 began tonight and those of you who know me well enough certainly know what that means... I'll be seeing you in 10 weeks :D

On first instincts, my fave pair from the new guests are Shelly + Cassi. They seem down to earth, more like real people and most importantly not too over the top compared to the rest of the guests. From the old guests I love Jeff + Jordan.
1st Twist:  HG must pick a partner to play the game with.
Big Brother 13 HG Pairings (new guests):
  • Keith & Porsche
  • Shelly & Cassi
  • Adam & Dominic
  • Lawon & Kailia

2nd Twist: The return of BB's best pairs
Big Brother Dynamic Duos (old guests):
  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Evel Dick & Daniele

3rd Twist: The Golden Key
The HG who survives eviction wins a “Golden Key” and becomes immune until there are only 10 HGs left. You can no longer put up 2 people you definitely want to leave because 1 is guaranteed safety for several more weeks. Golden Key holders can’t even participate in any competition until they reach the 10-remaining point.

HOH: Rachel

It's gonna be a great summer!!!

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