Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modifying the P90x for Women {Like Me}


It really feels great being fully back in the workout mode regular routine. I love that get to sweat and sweat and sweat -makes me feel like something rewarding is on the horizon - just too bad bikini season is over {unless I plan a winter getaway}.

Like I mentioned before, I'm doing P90x as my main workout these days. Because I'm a "modifier" by nature, I'm not really doing the recommended sequence. The thing is I realized that my needs are different from the main folk in the video.

For now, here are my fitness goals:

  1. Shed those pounds

  2. Release some stress

  3. Become toned (not ripped)

  4. Get fit and regularly active

The P90x program is intended for more than that. It's a muscle confusion program that does the above but really to the Xtreme {hence the name}. This is the prescribed routine:

ExerciseWeekMuscles WorkedTypeAb Ripper XLengthEquipment
Chest and Back1-3, 9, 11Pectorals, Back, Biceps, TricepsStrength TrainingYes52:50Weights or Bands, Push-up bars, Pull-up bar or bands, Chair, Fitness guide and pen, Water and Towel
Plyometrics1-3, 5-7, 9-12Legs, Full BodyCardioNo58:36Heart rate monitor, Mat, Stool or Chair, Water and towel
Shoulders and Arms1-3, 9, 11Biceps, Triceps, ShouldersStrength TrainingYes59:53Weights or bands, Wall, Chair, Fitness guide and pen, water and towel
Yoga X1-13Full BodyStretchNo92:24Mat, Yoga blocks, Water and towel
Legs and Back1-3, 5-7, 9-12Quads, Hamstring, Calves, BackStrength TrainingYes58:56Weights or bands, Wall, Pull-up bar or bands, Chair, Fitness guide and pen, Water and towel
Kenpō X1-13Full BodyCardioNo58:46Heart rate monitor, Water and towel
X Stretch1-13Full BodyStretchNo57:32Mat, Yoga blocks, Water and towel
Core Synergistics4, 8, 13Full BodyStrength TrainingNo57:27Mat, Weights or bands, Plastic plate, cardboard or towel, Water and towel
Chest, Shoulders And Triceps5-7, 10, 12Pectorals, Shoulders, TricepsStrength TrainingYes55:44Weights or Bands, Push-up bars, Plastic plate, cardboard or towel, Chair, Fitness guide and pen, Water and towel
Back and Biceps5-7, 10, 12Back, BicepsStrength TrainingYes51:36Weights or bands, Wall, Pull-up bar or bands, Chair, Fitness guide and pen, Water and towel
Cardio XdoublesFull BodyCardio WorkoutNo43:18Stool or Chair, Mat, Yoga blocks, Heart rate monitor, Water and towel
Ab Ripper XweeklyAbdominals, CoreStrength TrainingN/A16:07Mat, Water and towel

After trying all the CDs out, I've decided that I'll only be doing the "full body" workouts in combination with the Ab Ripper. In other words:

  1. Plyometrics

  2. Yoga

  3. Kenpo

  4. Stretch

  5. Core Synergetics

  6. Cardio

  7. Ab Ripper

These are actually the routines that make me really sweat anyway and that's what I want - to really be outside my comfort zone. The other thing is I really don't want to get "ripped" arms and shoulders. Not really the look I'm going for :). I'm no expert and all but definitely feel like this system was designed for men and less for women {or at least women like me}. I've seen the before and after shots of some of the ordinary women who've gone on the system and the truth is I find most of them to be too ripped and masculine for my preference.

Let's see how my version of P90x works. I'll try it for 2 weeks and see how I feel about it then. The other thing I should also probably mention is that I'm not following the nutrition plan in the program {or any other for that matter} so my results will definitely vary LOL. The reason for this is because it would be too dramatic and a huge shock to my psyche to have that many changes {even though the meal plan looks doable}. I'm not really a diet kinda girl in case you haven't noticed - just want to be able to eat the regular food I cook and just increase my active levels.

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