Sunday, September 25, 2011

Would you wear texting gloves?

Every so often, my mother expresses concern about my speedy bbming/ texting thumbs, like today.

"Don't you get tired and don't your fingers hurt?"

LOL is all I can say to that really. I went of to express how to me speedy texting is like a security blanket, you know like how other babies prefer to suck their binky or thumbs?

I went on to introduce her to a ridiculous present she could get me for a whopping, insane $75!


"Freehands Texting Gloves" (they go for $18-$70). With these I can fight frostbite and have the flexibility to fire off texts to friends with this specialty winter wear [Seriously??!!). Unlike traditional gloves, which made hitting my keys on my BlackBerry impossible, the fingertips on these flip back, letting crackberry addicts like me send dispatches while staying cozy!!

I'm still stunned that someone's actually making money from selling these things! With the exception of having more fingers out, to me, these so called texting gloves look just like my regular gloves which I paid $10 for. Don't they?

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