Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's with the dangling shoes?

Is it just me who doesn't get the dangling shoes? You're walking down a road, you look up and there they are? Who does this? Why?

I've always wondered what's behind this strange practice and so I turned to wikipedia for an answer:
Shoe flinging or "shoefiti" is the practice of throwing shoes whose shoelaces have been tied together so that they hang from overhead wiressuch as power lines or telephone cables. The shoes are tied together by their laces, and the pair is then thrown at the wires as a sort of bolas. This practice plays a widespread, though mysterious, role in adolescent folklore in the United States[citation needed]. Shoe flinging has also been reported in many other countries. [Read more...]

Oh, pardon me... so it's called shoe-tossing/ flinging. I'm beginning to wonder if any of my friends have ever partaken in this bizarre ritual and if it happens elsewhere in the world? Does it happen when the shoe-donor is drunk or what? Seriously who does that? And how come I don't ever see shoes like these:



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