Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Featured Blog] Love Niki: Helping you live a sexier, healthier and happier life

Blog Name: Love Niki
Blog Description: Helping you live a sexier, healthier and happier life
Type: Reviews, Fashion, Beauty
Blogger: Niki
Location: California

Meet Niki.

She is an aspiring fashionista living in beautiful & sunny California.

She strives to make each day more glamorous and amazing than the last; And with the help of her incredible boyfriend Will, she is very much enjoying and making the most out of this adventure called life.

What makes her blog unique?
Her fashion centric blog doesn’t just cover fashion & beauty, she posts articles on living well, love/relationships, self-improvement, body image and self-esteem.

What’s the main concept behind her blog?
Becoming and staying sexy, healthy and happy! She wants you to be and feel healthy & beautiful in your own skin and enjoy everything the beauty and fashion worlds have to offer. Niki strives to promote a positive self-image for women while also offering advice on living well and feeling & looking fabulous.

Remember to visit her by clicking here!

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