Sunday, December 18, 2011

I bet you didn't know Blackberry can measure your temperature too!


Since the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, I've been trying to make the big switch from Blackberry. The iPhone 4S is just so perfect! My friend asked why it's so perfect and I said:
  • It's slick and sexy 
  • It has a million cool apps which actually work 
  • It would work in simpatico with my MacBook courtesy of iCloud 
  • It's 2-in-1! [No need to carry an iPod and Blackberry] 
  • It can measure your temperature! 

And this is what he messaged me back saying:

Forget iPhone, I bet you never knew your BB could measure body temperature?! You don't believe me okay, follow these steps and see for yourself ..
  • Go to home screen and press the dial button,then type 6++ but do not dial. 
  • Place screen on your forehead minimum for 3 seconds.
  • To know the temperature degree please press L. 
Now I say: 
    Dear Santa, 

    Now, may I please have an iPhone 4S and maybe new friends?

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