Friday, March 4, 2011

New Hair + Dresser

I got a weave today and it looks pretty amazing.

A high school friend referred me to Nadine's Hair Studio on Eglinton West. I was nervous at first, felt like I was waiting to see the dentist. When I was asked what hairstyle I'd like, I had no clue  how to answer and hesitantly whispered to the lady that I was new at this and had no idea what she was asking exactly.

About 2 hours later I looked amazing! I look pretty good in long straight hair ;).

A future note for weave virgins, apparently perm yaki human hair is the best for standard hair textures because the texture isn't too far from black hair.


  1. Why do hairdressers always fo that. Even if you did know, describing it can often be a nightmare!

  2. Can't type tonight. Of course I meant do!