Monday, April 4, 2011

i was a sixth grade alien

And then we proceeded to The Rex on Queen West. Being in jazz bars always makes me feel like going back to playing saxophone. Maybe soon...

It was so nice to hang out with the guys. Lots and lots of laughs and I think too much beer for at least one of them by the end of the night.

So three of us decided to walk towards Spadina but soon after stepping out of the bar we realized just how pouring these Spring showers were. We stopped right outside New Tribe for cover to wait for the street car when one of our buddies just casually said he decided to walk to Spadina and Bloor!!! We looked at each other but yeap he was serious. We didn't really get a chance to decipher it and I think part of me thought he was just bluffing and would turn back but nope, he wasn't!

Funny thing when I got off to switch streetcars, he was now drenched and came onto the street car. [hehe]

Okay like that isn't random enough.

I was sitting right next to him and he bbmed me;

"there's a show about him being a purple alien in grade 6"

Then I was like what alien? Who?

Then he pointed to a guy and googled "I Was a Sixth Grade Alien"

What a bizarre night I tell you. Lots of fun. Needed the distraction that's for sure.

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