Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food, Deals + Fun!

Some highlights over the last day were;
  • Walking to downtown from my place and bumping into a pleasant man who then took a photo of a friend and I outside the Manulife building by Bloor and Church.
  • An Amber Alert - Apparently Jack Astors servers can write upside down. I had a Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich from there with their yummy Sweet Potato Fries.
    • Eglington West...again (you should know by now why I went there). You gotta love a friend who'll sit through your hair appointment with you lol [#patience]
    • Crazy sale at Toronto Gap and finally replaced my jeans. Paid $24 for $80 jeans!!! Go grab yours now!!!
    • A guy I don't know just gave me two passes to the pre-screening of the movie Arthur! #TDotLove It was such an awesome movie!!! The funniest I've watched in ages. 3 minutes didn't go by without the audience laughing so if you want a great laugh and maybe a tear or two- go watch it this Friday.

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