Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hair Challenge: Interlocked My Hair... Alone!

4 Days Later 4 Days Later 4 Days Later 4 Days Later Interlocking Tools I used Day 1

So you know how I crossed out Life List #54 a few weeks ago? For those of you who are to distracted to figure out what #54 was, it is the one one re-locking and getting my dreadlocks back.

About a day or two after I used the twists method I didn't feel very satisfied [even though this was the method I had previously successfully used years ago for my locks]. My boyfriend's bestie had suggested I try the crotchet method and my mother had been persuading me to get sisterlocks for ages now.

I began reading up on locking methods and sisterlocking and learnt that sisterlocks are basically tiny or micro interlocked dreads. I decided to go along with 1) the interlocking method and 2) micro locks which = sisterlocks! [Or atleast my version of them].

The Pros of Sisterlocks or Thin Interlocks;

  • No Mess or Bulk: I was dreading going through the messy-bulky-unsexy-maturing-seemingly-forever process of twist locking method in their early stages. Sisterlocking/ interlocking method are neat and stay neat right from the get go!

  • Quicker Maturing: The interlocking method takes a shorter time for your dreads to form and "mature" naturally!

  • No Hair Cut Needed: Because I have relaxed hair, I would have had to chop the relaxed part out in order to lock it through the other methods. With interlocking you don't have to cut your hair at all. How awesome is that?

The crazy part? I did it all by myself!! How?

  • Watched interlocking video tutorials online.

  • Bought the essentials: 1) latch with a hook, 2) tiny-toothed comb for back-combing, 3) hair clamps 4) hair bands or elastic bands.

About 27 hours later- voila!

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