Monday, August 15, 2011

I watched an open

Such a long day.


Had so much happening [as always] but probably the craziest and highlight was watching my mother have her open biopsy performed. It was done on her neck and I watched.

I almost passed out from just looking. Throughout the process the docs kept asking if I was okay and then later advised me not to look lol. It was longer than usual because they couldn't get to the tumour. In any case, the lesson learnt

#1- unless you're in the medical profession you should never stare at someone being cut up.


#2 - I tip my dreads to those men and women who are in the medical profession. It's a tough job.

The good news, at least it's done and she'll be okay. She is so brave!


  1. Hang in there are a remarkable woman. Just like ur mum.