Sunday, August 28, 2011

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes Book!

I finally ordered my Martha Stewart's Cupcakes recipe book using a gift card my bf got me when he was still courting me [LOL]. It cost about $30 Canadian Dollars on Chapters Indigo. Although I sincerely feel that it's too expensive of a book, I feel it's so worth every dollar! It's such a beautiful book and the recipes so far seem a lot more accessible compared to other recipe books by renowned folk. You know how some of recipes have ingredients which you're like "who on earth would have that in their home?"  or "what the heck is that ingredient?", this book actually seems to be more realistic. For those of you who don't feel like spending $30 on this book, you can actually get it directly on her website for probably half the price! Plus there are selected recipes on her website.

I'm now a step closer to scratching off Life List #74!


  1. so when are you baking ur first recipe from the book...( I'm already thinking up something already)

  2. i baked 2 types already (but modified versions ofcourse)! will publish pictures soon :)