Monday, August 22, 2011

things are just things

So I'm happy to say I'm almost done packing and selling and moving! I haven't blogged or worked out in 2 days really and it feels weird [especially the not blogging part].

Getting rid of my stuff wasn't as emotionally taxing as I expected it to be. For some reason the decisions to sell, donate or keep came to me quite easily. After an intensive day or two I'm pleased to say I'm only keeping [putting in storage] about a third of my stuff! Quite impressive if you ask me :). The lesson here is that things are just things. They're replaceable. If you're holding onto "stuff" at home, do some summer cleaning and throw things out or give them to someone who might need them more than you.

I hope to get back to my daily routines and blogasphere tomorrow or Wednesday.

In the meantime, this is what my living room now looks like:



  1. me too :D
    i think it's a good addiction though