Thursday, August 11, 2011

{Update} Selling vs Storage

You might remember from my What do I do with my apartment? post, that I had decided to sell off my life. In thinking more deeply about it I decided to opt for storage for the time being [better than paying for an apartment I barely live in these days] so that I don't quickly get rid of my valuable items [LOL].

I found a great deal with Public Storage for the perfect size that could fit my stuff that I want to keep. In this method I have to get rid of only a couple of large items like the couches. Everything else can fit in this small storage perfectly! So why the change? Well I realized that I can't fully move without a game plan longer than a month or two you know [I'm not that spontaneous]. A plan of a month or two feels more like a vacation rather than a relocation. Because certain things are unclear at the moment, it would be a pain getting rid of literally everything only to have to start acquiring it all over again, right? I need to intricately design 2011/2012 a bit more precisely.

In the meantime, let's store it up, move into a modest roomie situation on a monthly lease and get planning!


  1. 'Intricately design' do you suppose ur gonna go about doing that Gecko?

  2. hehe... no idea yet!