Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making it happen!


The last couple of days have been a been taxing. A lot happening but also a bunch seems not to be happening. I've been thinking quite a bit about taking action lately. Just in general. I think sometimes in life it's easy to sit back and hope that things you want to happen, happen but the fact is very little happens that way. I started My Life List about a year ago now and I think it's one way for me to be able to track my large goals and keep myself accountable. I really need to be more conscious of that list and keeping it alive. I also have to think about creating time-lines on goals as a way to ensure I actually get them done. This may sound a little "Type A" to some folk but the truth is I don't want to lose track of keeping my passions and dreams alive.

I sometimes get discouraged and demotivated and I think that's okay too sometimes. It's so heart-warming to know that I'm not alone - it's inspires me to hold on. Sharing hopes and dreams I'm learning is such a beautiful thing because it keeps me motivated and inspired to achieve them. In the process you get to inspire others to set their own or even have shared goals!

This week started of as a pretty intense one and it will probably continue to be that but I ultimately have to keep my eyes on my goals. My dreams are what keep me alive and happy and motivated so I need to keep on track.

Lesson: You want something, you actually have to make it happen. [Make sure you hold onto someone's hand because it makes it much more rewarding!]

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