Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can we eat to starve cancer?

My lovely friend Will shared this TED talk with me and I found it pretty interesting so thought I'd share. I haven't looked into the research conducted on this so please don't quote me [LOL]. I think incorporating anti-angiogenic foods in our diet is definitely not a bad idea for healthy living and prevention of cancers, obesity and other ailments.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love TED?

[ted id=859]

Dietary sources of naturally-occurring anti-angiogenic substances
StrawberriesLavenderRed winePumpkinDark chocolate
BlackberriesParsleyGreen teaBok choySea cucumber
BlueberriesNutmegSoy beansGinseng
OrangesLicoriceArtichokeOlive oil
GrapefruitTurmericMaitake mushroomGrape seed oil
Red grapes


Another reason for me to enjoy a nice glass of wine. [FYI I know it says red wine on this list, it's no reason to get carried away people LOL.]

To read up more on these foods check out this post on the Food to Cure.


  1. Whoa on that red wine habit. The problem with red wine-- and all alcohol for that matter--is that it raises your blood sugar, and more and more research is linking high blood sugar to cancer (not to mention diabetes, increased abdominal fat and heart disease). Plus, alcohol is estrogenic--and that's a problem if you're battling an estrogen-sensitive cancer (most breast, ovarian, for example). Shame on those experts who don't tell us the complete story.
    Harriet Sugar Miller,

  2. That's really good to know and actually makes a lot of sense. My mother has Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I guess because of it, I very interested in learning about food choices and healthy eating. I'll be sure to keep reading your blog.

  3. From what I read some time ago, lymphoma is the one cancer for which alcohol is a positive thing. Don't quote me on it, however. I'd need to update the research before I go on record.

  4. Ah good to know. Either way the no alcohol certainly makes sense for estrogenic cancers as you explained. I'll also look up info on lymphoma and alcohol. Thanks so much for being helpful! :)