Thursday, September 1, 2011

Intention vs Perception

Something I've been thinking about recently is intention vs perception.

I've realized lately that I sometimes assume my unspoken body language and words are a clear and obvious reflection of what I mean to portray. It has almost just dawned on me that it's quite the opposite many of the times. Sometimes it's much better to say exactly what you mean and not expect the world to be "smart enough" to analyze and decode what it is you're trying to say. Why not just say it?

As friends, lovers, children and parents I think we sometimes get caught up in assuming that because this person is a loved one, they should know what I mean. We even go as far as getting upset at each other when they fail to read our minds and understand what we mean or meant to say.

No one's a mind reader so let's give each other a break eh? Sometimes the message we hope to put across may not be received at all or the wrong way - but next time that happens take a step back and think whether you verbally articulated the message to the intended person and didn't expect them to have telepathic. And don't beat around the bush why don't you!



  1. Well said Tina! Yet, more often than we wish to, our closest people can't understand us even when we tell them right in the eye. It does happen even if you just say it..:)

  2. Indeed. But I think seeking to understand rather than being understood is definitely a habit that's worth mastering :P.