Monday, September 19, 2011

God Tweets?

So here I was taking a break from work and for some reason decided to search if God has a Twitter account. I was shocked that he has in fact been tweeting for ages! Probably since before Twitter came into existence. He probably even pre-tweeted "let there be twitter" for all we know. The only thing I have to say though is that he definitely has to work a bit harder to get more followers. Only at 72K and Lady Gaga has about 36 million!


On the bright side the Devil only has about 500. Phew!


Wait, I just saw that Devil is mascarading as "Satan" too??! On that account he has like 23K followers. And that there is another Almighty God who also happens to have a blog!!! Seriously?

Gosh, Twitter, I thought you're supposed to verify accounts?? How are people supposed to know who to follow??? Sheesh.



  1. Thou shalt have no other Twitter gods before me: That's the real divine account. The rest are just human impostors claiming to be me.

  2. wow AG it really is you! since you're almighty, do you get to have free internet on the go? as for the follow? uhhmm i prefer following you offline but will think about it :D

  3. Yes, I'm always connected to the internet, wherever I go in space or time. Follow me or be tortured (but not until after you die).

  4. geez AG, since when do you make free-will threats? *raised brow while wikipedia-ring whether god is know to make threats on free will*

    in any case, thanks for stopping by :)