Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letter No. 3: Parent(s)

[ This post is part of my Life List #58 and the 30 Letters in 30 Days Challenge.]

Dear Mumsy,

I love you very much.

It's been a long journey you've walked through to get my brothers and I right here. You worked so hard and gave up so much to build a bright future for us. Thank you so much for this love.

We may not always agree but the love that we have for each other is so evident. We have so many laughs together whether it's hearing your stories - which always make me laugh OR you know how you say "and then what did she say?" and Tap rolls his eyes? {priceless} OR like how every Christmas we annoy Tap with our "chiquitta" LOL! I could obviously go on and on but this is just meant to be just a note not a novel. You have 3 exceptionally pinache and grown ass kids who all love you more than anything - we do.

I know it's really hard for you right now because having cancer sucks but you know what else I know? I know that you have enough courage and strength to go through it with :)

You have gotten past crazy things in your journey and this is just going to be a hiccup that we'll be speaking about in past tense very very soon at Simon Sushi :). You're a fighter, a tough cookie - now let's kick butt!

I love you and I'm here.


PS: Tiramisu tomorrow for sure!


  1. Must be one of the most beautiful things Ive ever read.