Thursday, September 8, 2011

Letter No. 4: Sibling(s)

[This post is part of my Life List #58 and the 30 Letters in 30 Days Challenge.]

Dear T+T,

We've been pretty fun times together and everyday I think about how we can create more insanely cool memories.

Isn't it crazy that all three of us are now adults? I mean where on earth did time fly to?

Having a big brother has been beautiful. Do you remember when I was a little girl how whenever I'd have nightmares after sneaking and watching a horror movie with you just in an effort to be like with my big brother? Then when it was time to sleep I'd run to you bedroom in the middle of the night and say "...I scared" then you'd make room in your bed and I'd hop into your Popeye bed. You were such a protective brother to me. I love you so much for always wanting to take care of me.

And my little brother, there have been so many times we've shared. I can't believe how time flies - you're already 18?? One of my fun memories with you was one of the trips you made to Montreal to visit me for the summer. I know you know the trip, that was the La Ronde trip. The same trip when I skipped work because I was playing Playstation with you lol!!! Can't even remember how old you were at the time but I certainly can't believe a kid made me skip work because of video games hahaha!

You both have given me some of my best memories of my life. I actually enjoy spending time with you. Both of you.

I love you so much and I can't wait to see what our next 20 years will be like.


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