Thursday, September 22, 2011

P90 Who?


{Confession} So a few weeks ago I started and stopped the P90x system. I really got into it and actually enjoyed the challenge despite the fact that it's hard as hell! I'm back on it now and really want to stick it out especially because I want to be able to fit into my winter clothes haha. I NEED to lose at least 10lbs and because I've actually tried P90x I believe that this is the way to go for me to reach my target.

I've never really been a gym or hardcore working out person. I'm the girl who's had a gym membership and only used it twice. I find it weird running on treadmills on my own with other random people around not interested in interacting with each other. I'm the girl who prefers classes like yoga and pilates. I find them invigorating with elements of both mind and body stimulation.

Since I'm counting pennies these days and am limited with outdoor travel, I decided to focus on P90x because it actually has it all in one package - cardio, yoga the whole shabang! I just finished the plyometrics workout and was sweating like hell! Had totally forgotten what that P90 craziness felt like but it also feels good.

Now to stay motivated...

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