Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spotted: Help Yourself in Leslieville

I sighted this the other day in Leslieville right next to the Toronto Film Studios on Eastern Avenue close to mum's place. Next to it, there's an ask from the Torontoist asking the person who put this up to contact them for a story. Who could have done this? What could it even mean? My friend and I came up with all sorts of maybes but nothing worth repeating LOL.

Either way, quite intriguing.


  1. The clothing used to be full of edible plants but they all died (probably because no one ever watered them). I'm pretty sure the idea was to take what you wanted from the plants to eat well. Nice idea but didn't really work out.

  2. oh that's really good know, thanks! i still wonder who did it...maybe they along with the rest of the Leslievillies can go replant and water the project - that would be fun :D