Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turn Them On: Urban Radio & It's Talent

A friend of mine who works for Sportsnet is I guess always in the know about media stuff and asked me if I've heard of the new G98.7 (CKFG-FM), Toronto’s newest radio station. I was like yeah totally- cause I have a buddy who just got signed to it. I decided to do a post about it to share this awesomeness with you all.

This November Torontonians were treated to the sounds of R&B, Soul, Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, World beat, Gospel, and Smooth Jazz, all provided by Toronto’s newest radio station, G98.7.

G98.7FM revealed several on-air personalities that will be heard on the Canada’s first and only Urban Adult Contemporary (AC)-formatted radio station. One of those radio personalities is a friend of mine Keith a.k.a MC Bonde, who with so much work in the African community as an MC in North America, MC Bonde has been dubbed 'the voice of AFRICA' (VOA). He was recently awarded the 2011 Best African MC in Canada and his TV Show was awarded the 2011 Best African TV-Show.

He also currently hosts the African Music Videos Show on AMET-TV (African Movies & Entertainment Television). The show airs every Saturday, 7pm to 8pm (Rogers TV Channel 122 / Bell Channel 207 / Montreal Metro #14).

VOA was just signed by G98.7FM to host The African Show on Sundays 10am to noon. This is a first for the African community to have a radio show on commercial radio playing African music. The African Groove Show (TAG) will take you on a music trip around Africa, from Cape to Cairo. MC Bonde has been in the entertainment business since 1995, djing and MC’ing African events, parties, concerts and weddings across North America, the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He has also been a radio co-host on the community radio station CHRY 105.5fm with Dj. Hype Green on the Studio Africa show.

You can follow him on Twitter @mcbondevoa or find me on Facebook for his latest updates and announcements.

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