Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ever wondered what a radiation face mask looks like?

So for months now my mother has been battling cancer. It's been a pretty intense and rather emotional time but there have been so many lessons I've been learning on life, health, food, medicine and the whole shebang.

She recently began her radiation treatments which I'm happy to report have not been as horrible as those she suffered from chemo.

Thought I'd share a pic to show you what she her face mask looks like cause I found the process scary yet fascinating.

The process of her treatment while short, to me it's very claustrophobic-y. They basically fasten her to this bed (yes, that's what they're doing in this pic), then there's this ginormous machine that then comes over her and emits the radiation. Just like in an xray or stuff like that, no one is allowed to be in the room (including staff) due to radiation exposure but you can see her through a camera.

I say kuddos to my mum and anyone who goes through this. I think having that mask over my face would instantaneously call for a panic attack!

Good job mother!

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