Saturday, January 7, 2012

Esther's Cleaning - Personalized, Quality & Très Affordable,

So this week I decided to profile Esther’s Cleaning for Small Business Saturday.

For those who hate cleaning this is best thing ever! This cute boutique cleaning company has very personalized, high quality, affordable and definitely reliable cleaning services for both home and office needs.

Esther Guzha founded the company in 2006 after realizing that she can in fact combine her passion for creating clean livable spaces with providing a much appreciated service to homes and offices across the GTA.

They guarantee a strong work ethic with a personable nature that allow them to provide excellent residential and commercial cleaning services. I tried them and definitely recommend them!

Pssst. They even have gift cards so you can even get one or two for someone.

Visit their new website at and "like" them on Facebook.

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