Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small Business Saturday: Arts Market in Leslieville - Toronto's Only Year Round Artisan Market!

In Toronto there are lots of opportunities for artists throughout the summer months at some of our wonderful and diverse festivals, which happen right across the city from the Beaches to The Junction. But what about winter? What happens to the artists? Where do they go to make a living? Also, where can you buy interesting unique hand crafted local gifts from the artists themselves?

The Arts Market is a rare opportunity to see numerous artisans all under one roof. They are giving artists a chance to do something in Toronto that is very difficult; a chance to be a full-time artist and have their own shop.

It's a simple plan: give local artists a chance/place to show their work.

There's no better time than the present to drop in on these talented artists. Plus, you get to hangout in such a trendy neighborhood!

[Psst, did I also mention it's the perfect place to grab all your unique holiday gifts at amazing prices all under one roof?]

Visit the Arts Market in Leslieville and remember to follow them on Twitter @artsmarket and find them on Facebook.

Arts Market1114 Queen Street East (major intersection Pape Ave.)

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