Monday, December 12, 2011

Travel in Style with Heys Polka Dots

Heys Polka Dot Hybrid Spinner Luggage 

I was at Winners the other day and spotted this très cute luggage set by Heys. It's the perfect set for that holiday trip!

Outfitted with a distinct polka dot pattern combined with silver or black ABS panels, the Polka Dot Hybrid is an ultra-chic luggage piece. Apart from its stunning looks, its well-balanced hybrid composition allows this luggage to have the strength and support of a hardside with the convenience of softside pockets. Its frameless structural design is supported ABS panels allowing the luggage to be durable, yet extremely lightweight.

You can also purchase the set online directly from Heys for about $369. But if you're in the Toronto area you can get the set for about $250 at one of those luggage shops on Yonge St.

I love them!

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  1. Hey girl!
    I love this set and saw it at winners the other day. Can you be more specific about the stores on yonge where I can get it? I live in Toronto too!!